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As a kid every time I would cross a river in India, be it the Ganga or the Yamuna or any of their tributaries, I would have a feeling that the water levels of these rivers were receding... my heart would sink seeing the industrial pollutants making their way into these rivers...

On the contrary the feeling I would get seeing these rivers close to their origins… especially the Ganga in Rishikesh is indescribable… no pollution, no signs of water level depletion … so calm and so serene… the scent of freshness in the air…

I am documenting the life around river Ganga… the life as Ganga sees and feels it... the culture the river has supported for thousands of years, the people it has sustained over the centuries, and also the human interference it has suffered over the last one century or so...

Towards that I am following the river from its origins high up in the Himalayas all the way to where it merges with the Indian Ocean. All the while I am meeting with people who have been close to the river to narrate their feelings about the river, what they feel about the part Ganga has played in the Indian civilization and culture, what we human beings have done or could do or have not done to save this mighty river…

My final aim is to narrate the whole documentary as a multimedia and a book. I invite anyone and everyone to please help me with suggestions... critique... and hospitality. I would love to hear your suggestions and incorporate them into my project.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dalmau, where Holi is celebrated 3 days later!

Dalmau, is a small town situated on the banks of river Ganga located not far from Kanpur. It's true... the festival of Holi (Badi Holi or Khelne waali Holi) is celebrated 3 days after the actual date, although the Chhoti Holi - that falls a day before the main Holi (Badi Holi) is celebrated the same day as rest of the world where ever Holi is celebrated.

This is because, some 600 years ago, the founder of the town of Dalmau - Raja Dal Deo - was murdered on the day of Holi by Sultan Ibrahim Sharqi. Dal Deo had fallen in love with Salma, daughter of Baba Haji - a minister of Sharqi's, and had asked for her hand. This was not acceptable to Baba Haji nor to the Sultan who then attacked Dalmau on Holi and beheaded Raja Dal Deo who was in the state of festivity.

To commamorate his death people of Dalmau celebrate Holi 3 days after the actual date of the festival.

Dalmau is also famous for being the work place of Surya Kant Tripathi "Nirala", famous Indian Writer and Poet. Although born in Unnao he worked mainly in Dalmau which was his wife's hometown too.

OK, history aside, what is Dalmau like right now? As expected the fort of Dalmau is in complete ruins. Part of it is being used by the irrigation department of Uttar Pradesh government as a guest house. It's a pitty that nothing remains of the fort although locals still refer to the almost non existent ruins as "killa" or fort.

The ghats on the banks of river Ganga, said to have built by Raja Tikait Rai in the 18th century, are a piece of marvel, still intact pretty much, but as expected not clean. No caretaker could be seen around and only a few pilgrims or locals could be noticed. The ghats also lacked a good road link from the main road which was only a couple of kilometers away. I hope these ghats remain intact till some government can think about them and get them cleaned and well taken care of. On the contrary all around the Dalmau area, there were big colleges and schools being constructed, apparently by those close to the present chief minister of Uttar Pradesh ...  


  1. There is also some other monuments in Dalmau including Alha udal's baithak, palace of Nawab Shujauddaula, shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Badruddin Badre Alam R.A. A great islamic scoler and companian of Kwaja Garib Nawaz R.A, Mazar of Sultan Sharqi, a well costructed by Alauddin Khiji, a mosque builed by Emperor Akbar, Idgah constructed by Sultan Firoz Shah Tuglaq

    1. Thanks for the information Mr Akhter. When I am in the area next I will definitely visit and write about all these historic places. I really appreciate your comment on my blog.

  2. Zuber AAkhtar Sahab you are not written all stories of Dalmau. Salma also died with head of King Dal. When she listen the death of Dal she also suicide. Because she was also fallen in love of King Dal. Read Full review in Rajkalash.

  3. A M sahab there is not any historical evidence tha salma comitted suicide and it is any poem its a great history of dalmau and some according to some auther when king Dal proposed Salma she reacted with anger and took oath that she will cut the kings head. So plz read all related historical books not poem.